No Practice

Since school was cancelled there is no practice today.  See everyone on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend.

****Remember “No School, No Practice”****

Practice Begins Tonight

The time is here!

Wrestling practice starts tonight (Tuesday, November 15, 2016).  Please have your wrestler at the wrestling room dressed and ready to learn/practice before practice starts.  

1st hour starts at 6:00 PM goes until 7:00 PM. (Junior High Wrestling room). 

2nd hour starts right after 1st hour at 7:00 and goes until 8:30.(Junior High Wrestling room)

3rd hour starts at 6:30 and goes until 8:30.(Senior High Wrestling room)

Practice is every Tuesday & Thursday.


We are using school facilities and are not to be in any other areas of the schools except the wrestling rooms.

ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD IN THE WRESTLING ROOMS! NO EXCEPTIONS If you have food in there you will be asked to either put it away, throw it out or leave the room with it.


Wrestling season is about over.  We have two more tournaments coming up and after that the season will be done.  With that said our banquet is fast approaching. The banquet this year is going to be Wednesday, May 4th from 6:00 until 8:00 in the cafeteria at the Junior High school. There is a sign up sheet in both wrestling rooms.  Please sign up on one of them, so that way we can be sure to have enough for everyone coming.   FIRST HOUR is to bring a dessert to pass.  SECOND HOUR is to bring a cold dish to pass (salad etc…). THIRD HOUR is to bring a warm dish to pass (we will have plugs to use if needed).  We hope to se everyone there!  Go Mules!


Weigh ins for the Erie Mason tournament will be TONIGHT @ 6:00 (Thursday) at the junior high in the wrestling room.

Even though it was stated at practice that it would be on Friday. (The weights have to be in to Bob no later than tonight so that way he can start working on all of the brackets for Saturday.) Please remember to bring the flier along with payment tonight at weigh ins.
Please let anyone that is not on Facebook or does not have the website automatically send emails when updated know about this change..
Go Mules!


I was just notified that pictures will NOT be tonight as planned. The additional singlets that were supposed to be in have not arrived.. We talked with the photographer and she advised us to wait until everyone had them. Pictures will now be on February 23. Same times as stated earlier!

Go Mules!

Go Mules!



Going through the paper work today I noticed that there are still several wrestlers that I do not have copies of their Birth Certificates. 

Please bring them in to practice ASAP. we need them in case we are ever questioned about a birth date or age at Tournaments!



Tonight is pictures! Please wear your singlet and BLACK GLWC T-shirt tonight.

1st hour must be at practice before 6:00 and please be ready so that way we can start on time.

2nd hour please be there by 6:30 so that way we can keep moving with the pictures, as she has to go to the high school afterwards for 3rd hour.

3rd hour your pictures will be at 7:30. She will be coming to the high school after     1st & 2nd hour.

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